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You Tube Testimonial for Dr Anthony Lombardi by Minter Dial.

Dr Lombardi was able to help with a chronic shoulder problem and client is now able to play tennis again.

Sandy Beveridge
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Jamall Johnson
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Otis Floyd
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Garrett McIntyre
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Khari Long
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I thought the injection therapy was very good and effective. Communication of procedure was very helpful and eased experience. Noticed very quickly (with in 1-2 days)an improvement in shoulder achiness and mobility. Very satisfied. Range of pain free motion greatly increased. Exercising and lifting weights with out shoulder soreness is a big relief and has allowed me more options.
Shannon age: 32

I met Dr. Lombardi from the Hamilton Back Clinic while visiting friends in Canada. I had been training in the gym and ended up hurting my neck so badly that I could barely turn my head. I was referred to Dr.
Lombardi for help and he spent time working on my neck and shoulder. There was such a difference immediately. He also helped me to locate another ART doctor for me to follow up with back in the USA where I live so that I could continue to recover. Anthony was my first introduction to Active Release Techniques and now I recommend for all of my training clients to receive this treatment.
Noel 27, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Five months after my surgery I had injection therapy. The procedure was well explained so I knew what to expect. It was relatively painless. After the 2nd session of stretches by Dr. Lombardi, the numbness and tingling along the scar started to go away. By the last appointment the area felt normal. I would gladly recommend Injection Therapy to repair tissue around scar.
Marilyn, 62

What I like the most about The Hamilton Back clinic is the warm friendly and caring atmosphere. They don't rush you ( your treatments) in and out and treat you like a number. Their involvement in countless community events is another example of how they show they care.
Paul, 49, Dundas, ON

“I turned to Hamilton Back Clinic after suffering a running injury. I am an avid runner and was training for a marathon at the time, so being incapable of running was making me crazy and slightly panicked with the thought I wouldn’t be able to race. Dr. Lombardi’s combined treatment of ART, acupuncture, and an adjustment provided instant relief after just one session, and I resumed my training with a long run the next day with little to no pain. My course of treatment consisted of a few more sessions with Dr. Lombardi, and I was able to complete the marathon as a Boston Qualifier. I’ve never felt so good!”
Stephanie, 25, Belleville, ON

"Moving here from Mississauga, I was looking for a good chiropractor closer to home. I did some research and talked to some friends and was told that Hamilton Back Clinic was a great place to go. After my first visit I knew I was at the right place. I never felt so good!"
Steve, 30, Hamilton, ON

Wonderful results - not instantaneous but neither was injury, I can now turn my neck from side to side and not feel nauseated & dizzy when moving - less fatigued.
Fiona, 57

A painless and effective treatment to further enhance the body's healing of an injured area - fantastic treatment!
Robert, 63 

I am very impressed with the injection therapy. I have now had two treatments and I am feeling better over all, I am a true believer and fan!!
Kara, 34

I could not bend or pick up my granddaughter, now after the injection I can bend and do sit ups and hold my granddaughter, this is the best treatment I have ever had Thank you!!
Rosina, 56

When my back would spasm it wouldn’t allow me to really function with my daily routine. I would be flat on my back with ice packs and pain meds; between the ice packs I would see Anthony to help relax my back. Since the injection no more spasms! It is totally gone            ! My back is back to normal again. Thank you to whoever came up with this stuff! God Bless them.
Luisa, 32
*The testimonials refer to Dr. Lombardi's services. They are not in reference to physiotherapy.

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