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Physiotherapy & Chiropractic Services at Hamilton

Our Recipe For Treating Muscle & Joint Pain With Success

Whether acute or chronic, pain contributes to making nerves and muscles sensitive to touch and movement. This causes scar tissue to build up which increases tissue inflammation. This inflammation can cause more pain and the cycle continues.

The longer the cycle of "pain-inflammation-pain " continues, the longer and more difficult treatment can become. But with the right approach and the correct tools - even the most chronic of pains can be improved.

I have found that using a combination of techniques can be very effective in treating new or chronic pain syndromes. This is why I use a combination of electro-acupuncture, muscle release and joint manipulation when addressing these conditions.

I have three goals in mind when I am treating a patient's condition:

  1. Decrease symptoms
  2. Decrease mechanical stress on injured tissues
  3. Restore pain-free movement

To achieve these goals it is important to use the correct tools to break the "pain-inflammation-pain " cycle by manually removing scar tissue and by using the right measure of electro-acupuncture to relax the tissues and normalize the nerves. This approach helps to "re-program" the nervous system and restore proper joint/muscle movement.